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08 has arrived. Christopher Ricks hastily but hugely enjoyed it; Landfill Press call ours the best BritPo critical section of the year. Click for cover and contents. If youre in Oxford, Cambridge or London, copies are available at Blackwells, Heffers and the London Review Bookshop. There are two alternatives: you can fill in this order form and send a cheque, or you can pay online with PayPal.


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Retraction. Alex Bubb
s essay Caught in the old ladys trap was totally rewritten by the editors, so cannot be said to reflect his views.

Clarification. Hester Lees-Jeffries
notice Something eschewed’ was edited to include phrases that Dr Lees-Jeffries neither wrote nor consented to. These are, with emendations italicised:

125. Shakespeare’s Poems eschews the more traditional introduction / Shakespeare’s Poems discards [...]
127. Less hampered by space, Duncan-Jones and Woudhuysen perhaps have a slight edge over Burrow in the fullness of their notes. / Less hampered by constraints of space [...]
127. Anthony Wells-Cole and others / [...] (and others)
127. (which the editors touch on, p. 38, and in their commentary) / (which the editors touch on by introduction and in commentary)
127. (The standard argument used the justify modernisation, that Shakespeare’s poems would not have looked ‘quaint’ to Shakespeare’s first readers, is of course fallacious: Chaucer’s, for example, published fewer years before his time than his before ours, may well have. This argument forgets history.)

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