From the project denominated Failure,
or Fallacies (1)

‘Most things are still in the dark.’

Just to begin, that historians
are scholars of lost news.
That interpretation of art is not emotional response.
That any pear overseen to ripeness

when bitten will be ripe. That many films
are loved for much more than the beauty of their actors.
That beauty
is not insult, nor ugliness pain.
If we are responsible for meaning and not for life
unless in conception,
that life has meaning, or that death
is the second mode of life, the off-switch, rather than the 

             condition of there being no choice and no switch.
Life is sensing things (over all oneself), and through this
knowing. The end of life is the state
of having lost all that. That poetry explains love.
That skill saves us, and
that ignorance is perturbable rather
than just malleable. That destruction is at all
contingent. That love and obsession are different, or labels

dissoluble from things they mark.

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