Two Arses

Here the PITCH review presents the two arses of (ordered by
priority) infrequent guest contributor, novelist, screenwriter
and poet, Paul T. Abbott.

Ars poetica

1) Description does not replace thought.
2) Don’t censor out the details.
3) Intelligent metaphor.
4) The line-as-a-unit.
5) Struggling to recreate an iambic pentametre.
6) What the scholars would call, “colloquial syntax and lexis”.
7) Assimilation of adverts and commodified sales-language.

Ars prosaica (forgive dog-Latin)

1) Pithy axioms of distorted cliche, relevant to a character.
2) Situational comedy, at everyone’s expense.
3) Blockbusting ACTION, often digressed from.
4) Deadpan one-sentence paragraphs.
5) No villains and no heroes.
6) Very short chapters, ending with a punchline.
7) Non-sequential narrative which omits climactic resolution.

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