TWO more


The Kisses

‘I want to kiss you till there’s nowhere left of you to kiss.’
               She appears to assent, so, holding her small body, he pecks a trail down her chest until she bats him away, one leg playfully outstretched.
               ‘God. I want to defile you.’
               She purrs. ‘Oh! The smell of your hair.’
               She is supine, legs open, yawning.
               Agile, she rolls & bounces to her feet.
               ‘Ha, all-fours! You want it that way?’
               Her arsehole seems to wink at him. He lunges to take her, but she pads sideways, dismissing him lazily with a flick of the tail.

For One Two

Tom, Clare—they did everything together.
               Even sex, though they were siblings.
               And they were happy, if their story is not.
               There were some thought they couldn’t be happy. They hadn’t been together like Tom and Clare.
               These men wanted to cut what joined them. They said Tom was killing Clare; because he was weak, the join was killing.
               They said Clare should live; she didn’t see how. Their arguing made her dizzy.
               All she knew was they wanted to put them apart.
               Tom said he would leave for her, but since Clare loved Tom, just as Tom loved Clare, they decided he would not.
               They understood what’d happen. They did everything together.

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